Thursday, January 14, 2010


As the months swept by and Steve's graduation came and went plans keep changing. Regardless of my hopes and fears opportunities continue to arise and pass us by. Somewhat depressing, yes, but realistic nonetheless. I said once, in a show of falsified strength, "It doesn't really matter if we get let down again, we've been let down so many times we're pros at it." Alot of options are hinged on finances, as it is so many times in life. Other options are so far out of our control, like how many substituting jobs will Steve be offered? Are the public schools even hiring? Where does this leave us? Floating, in a most uncomfortable way, with sand up our butts.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Steve, Bella and Sparticus at their best

Here are some new pictures of some of our summer outings!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Where to begin? Well it has been a while since we have updated. It is hard to update an online website when you dont have the internet. It usually means either I(steve) or holly has to find some time to drive one of the many places that has internet for free and the time to upload pictures. Well Today I am updating a awesome camping experience we had with two other couples from our smallgroup we attend. We went to rocky Gap State Park and had an awesome time. As you can see with all the pictures. We took them camping and also had a fun time swimming, or well being thrown in the water. Oh the joys of having a waterproof camera.

All in all things are going great with us. We are just around the corner from our one year. Which we will be celebrating by going to dinner and movie, since we dont normally do that kind of thing. We have been busy working and camping whenever we get the time too. I started a new job with the Dept of Natural resources program called "hooked on Fishing, Not drugs". I am a fishing instructor at the patapsco valley state park. I think it is going to be a great job, because it is only a job during the weekdays and not the week nights. It also pays a lot better than retail at the hudson trail.

So That is all for now, more updates coming soon of our vacation with my immediate family in north carolina and some more camping pictures. So stay tuned, same bat channel, same bat time!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hello again!!

School is out. So far so Good! Well to catch up on past events here are some pictures. First we have a picture of the weekend or two ago when I was out on the bay fishing. I didnt get any keepers, but it was a good time. However, I will be out fishing tomorrow. Hopefully that will be a better day than the last for me. I could really go for some fresh fish.

Not too long ago Holly and I attended a wedding up in PA. We looked Great! Atleast I think so, Feel free to comment how you think we looked.

Also recently my sister went to prom. He is a picture of her and her date, also known as the boyfriend named Shawn.

Our Good friends treated us to a concert at Jammin Java in Vienna VA to see Derek Webb and friends. The concert was very awesome. We sat in the front row. The leg room was great but the neck pain was hurting me from looking up.

Its Spring, and its closely getting to summer which means great weather to do this!!!

Well that is it from us ONeills. We'll try and update soon.

Monday, May 14, 2007

In lacking photos...

I plan to make up for it with much writing. As many of you know we O'Neills, for many different reasons, do not have internet access at our home. So most interneting is done at work or school. So mostly I am saying this to explain the lack of blogging on our part. Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks:
-Went exploring in an abandoned house and later that night picked 11 ticks off the dog, 1 off Holly and 2 off Steve
-Took mom Hathaway to a kayak demo and subsequently bought Holly's kayak and a life vest for Sparticus (he is not an avid swimmer)
-Planted a small but impressive vegetable garden
-Last days of school for Steven, including final grades of As in two classes
-The solidifying of many vacationing plans for the summer, including but not limited to camping, Topsail, New England and George Wash Nat'l Forest.
-A new work contract for Holly (=more money!)
-Starting Sacred Marriage in our small group, an amazing read.
Hope everyone is as excited about summer as we are!


Friday, April 13, 2007

the real spring

so in honor of our recent cold snap here are some pictures of when it was quite warm out and we could partake of our most favorite activity, walking in the woods,

Sunday, March 11, 2007

another dollar in the till

so a quickie update, unfortunately i am at work so no pictures. i(holly) got a second job working at a local vet hospital as a part time receptionist and i start tomorrow. this means one of two things (a)we will be able to put more money in savings or (b) we may defer some money to finally buy our kayaks. our wish list seems so long sometimes and the idea of buying a house so far off its hard to keep on track. otherwise i am super excited about getting this job becuase i enjoy working with animals and also sparticus needs to have a tooth removed so now we can afford to do it.
as far as work with the county goes my temporary assignment to linthicum is coming to an end. i'm excited to be roving again and moving around the county but also a little scared to be leaving my protective umbrella of my mentor.